Company Overview

Eris is a leading Indian branded formulations company with a strong presence in chronic and lifestyle therapies such as anti-diabetes, cardiology, nutrition and neuropsychiatry. Since its inception in 2007, Eris has demonstrated robust growth and is now ranked among the Top-20 Indian companies in the domestic branded pharmaceuticals market with annual revenues in excess of Rs.1000 crore.

We have an established portfolio of 100+ mother brands across our core lifestyle-related therapies and our marketing divisions cater to over 80,000 specialists and super-specialist doctors across India. We continue to lead in prescription rank among specialists, with a #3 rank among Diabetologists, Neurologists and Gastroenterologists and #4 rank among Cardiologists, within our covered market. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Guwahati, India and pan-India coverage through our distribution network.

We follow a science-driven and patient-centric approach, as exemplified by our unique Patient Care Initiatives such as Diabetes Companion where our trained executives assist doctors to help their patients get access to advanced and more accurate diagnosis. This enables clinicians to customize their treatments to their patients’ needs, resulting in better management of the disease burden. The patients are also educated on practical and simple lifestyle changes to help manage the disease better. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement (ABPM) on-call is an initiative that has created awareness among clinicians that continuous blood pressure measurement over a 24-hour period is the Gold Standard in clinical diagnosis of hypertension. The ABPM technique has helped overcome common challenges such as misdiagnosis (White coat hypertension) and missed diagnosis (Masked hypertension).

We’re setting new benchmarks in doctor-patient engagement through our unique approach based on evidence, precision, clarity and empathy. We’re enhancing the functioning of the overall healthcare ecosystem though smarter and affordable medicines, brave applied research, ingenious drug delivery methods and empathetic patient care initiatives.

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